Ladybug Stables

Creating horse people since 2001

                       LADYBUG STABLES

Ladybug Stables is a small yet well established riding stable located in Mattawa, Ontario. 

Our main focus is to create horse people, not just riders. Our lesson program creates independent, confident riders that think like trainers. This helps develop problem solving skills, patience & empathy for the horse. 

Our goal is to teach students about all aspects of horsemanship from the ground up, even topics not covered by other lesson programs.

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What we are all about: 

Safety is stressed in all lessons. We teach horse care, grooming and handling from the ground to all beginners before they mount. Grooming and tacking is supervised by the coach or junior coaches before and after every riding lesson. All our saddles are equipped with safety stirrups which quick release, should a rider accidentally "dismount" before the end of the lesson.

We have horses for all rider levels. Older mounts are usually paired with younger or less experienced riders while younger or more challenging horses are paired with riders who are ready for the challenge.

Ladybug Stables values our horses health and well-being above all.  Our horses work hard for us, the least we can do is care for them to the best of our ability. We stress the importance of a thorough grooming before each ride and proper cool down and after every ride. We often hold "Theory Lessons" which are hands on, unmounted group lessons which cover many different subjects such as basic grooming; bathing; tack care; lunging and ground driving; riding theory and how to set jumps.  We feel that a properly cared for horse is a happy horse.

Ladybug Stables travels to many horse shows in the area, Schooling Shows, Local Shows and Horse Trials (Eventing!).  Coaching and horses are available for rental for horse shows.

Go to our Rates and Services Page to read more about the services we provide.